Viichi Surfers


We have extensive experience working closely with tier 1 telecom operators, cable operators and internet service providers on various wireless product initiatives. Our area of expertise include:

 Mobile Application Product Strategy

What product/ services should you 'mobilise'? which usescases should you focus on? Mobile app or mobile web offering or hybrid? These are some of the key issues that we help address for our clients. Deliverables include

  • Environment Analysis and Market Overview
  • Target Market Sizing and Business Case
  • Competition Overview
  • Product Definition
  • User Experience Design
  • Development Strategy

 Mobile Application Development

Hands-on experience in Android and other platforms enable us to deliver high quality applications with the promise of value for money. Our offshore affiliates help us deliver on competitive price points while also enable faster time to market. Key phases include:

  • Requirements Detailing
  • Application Design - functional and UI
  • Development
  • Testing & Trial

Mobile Application Marketing Strategy

How to get customers to discover your app? How to improve monetization? Which ad platforms to integrate with? Which app stores to focus on? How to get operators to promote your app? These are some of the burning issues facing any app developer that we help address.

Customer Experience Validation

We go beyond the traditional IT testing. In fact we come in where they leave. Test execution rate and pass rate dont mean much in the field. We pioneered concept of 'Burn-in' testing that validates if a product is customer ready. We test the process and validate the customer experience. In other words we ensure memorable 'moments of truth' in the field.