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  WiFi Ally - Your trusted ally in navigating the WiFi jungle!



Trying to figure out which WiFi network to connect to? Puzzled as to why you cannot connect to your network? Wondering how to interpret the WiFi signal bars? In short want to take charge of your WiFi experience?   

WiFi Ally is your best Ally for Android devices. It exposes all aspect of WiFi network and helps you choose the best WiFi network. To get started download the app, sort available networks on RSSI ( signal strength) in descending order and select the networks at the top of the list. 

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Application Features:

  • Scan for all available WiFi networks 
  • Filter on various network parameters
  • Sort on various network parameters
  • Choose best available network and Click to Connect
  • Establish connectivity to open network, WPA, WPA2, WEP and more
  • Chart and track signal strength
  • Email scan results
  • Perform latency test, download and upload speed test
  • Conveniently manage saved networks.
  • Fully configurable settings to perform network diagnostics
  • Helpful FAQs with tips to get the best out of WiFi